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Clash of Clans – Im taking the PEASANT CHALLENGE! (forefeit?)

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  1. Tweet ChiefPat and say he's a dirty gemmer.
    (Sorry I can't think of anything better)

  2. Tweet KYS to ur mom

  3. tell ur mom You where just raped and you kinda liked it

  4. tweet Donald trump fuck you bitch

  5. tweet Nick at night that your better than him in all super cell games

  6. yeah tweet supremely

  7. text supercell say I have been cheating I'm a bad boy

  8. Dick

  9. Tweet to Aj3 saying ive got a tiny dickô

  10. Can I kill the archer queen

  11. Song at 4:05? I've heard it in a lot of Spencer's videos and I absolutely love it.

  12. Trump and tell him he has a big white dick

  13. Trump

  14. tweet godson: suck my big floppy donkey d*ck

  15. Tweet to super cell . With out me your nothing you may as well work for me.Can we talk about it over dinner


  17. Clapping at all the trees is a peter17$'refrence…

  18. You fag @keemstar

  19. tweet @realdonaldtrump I need a small loan of fried chicken!

  20. Tweet at keemstar Fist me gnome daddy but fast as fuck boii

  21. Tweet supercell saying i hate your games and i don't wont to be assosiated with you anymore?

  22. Ur new intro

  23. Tweet Barack Obama


  25. And tweet "i love you biber"

  26. Justin biber like this

  27. Tweet Justin Bieber ,You rock!…

  28. Tweet this if u lose : Hy im spencer 23$ and i eat poop

  29. say to peter17$ the gem box is f***ing fake you dumb twat!

  30. tweet molt this
    hey why you salty?

  31. tweet fousey.
    you are a bitch, take a hit you cunt. the best way to make youtube good is to get you off it

  32. tweet echlipse:your the clickbait god

  33. message Kevin Durant why the golden state why not my balls in your mother

  34. message Kevin Durant why the golden state why not my balls in your mother

  35. Tweet galadon"fist me gally"

  36. Wait we can get some good out of this tweet Jacob satourious to kill himself

  37. tweet cheifpat he sucks

  38. Tweet Gordon Ramsey and say: "My bagels get moist at your touch"

  39. Send Donald trump a text saying suck a spoon

  40. sub to me plz vid gong to be tomorrow

  41. Tweet i vote for troop if u lose

  42. tweet to galadon and say "lol im only in lost phoenix to get views from galadons subs" then say "oh wait wrong person"

  43. Hello to Adale

  44. Tweet Don Clive about how much your appreciate his contributions to the clash community

  45. I always do all archers lol