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  1. Beak. You should make vids over 10 minutes. You get more money and we get more beak! 🙂 unless you don't want to. Lol

  2. ανωνιμους

  3. lets look at some more fun sex ??? lel

  4. very good

  5. my clan m8 uses this bowler strat goes in all bowlers with wallbreakers and get #1 stared and hes max th11

  6. If u do thx

  7. Beaker could u change your clan settings for trophies into 1000 trophies i found your clan but cant join im th9

  8. Hi beak

  9. g

  10. Right now your my favourite youtuber for Clash Of Clans I think it's your attitude for the game and the strats you give out

  11. That clan was greek?

  12. Hello my friend Is it possible to respond to the proponents by Supercell company which is the work of an update to change the name of the people who have exhausted their first attempts, and second, even if they update one hour or minutes please please please kindly forward it to this proposal on behalf of all the players Clash of Clans

  13. I want to say something creative so that beak will reply but i can't think of anything

  14. Hey Beak!

  15. Hey beak!! Bowler Walk? Lol Gonna try it out

  16. Hey Beak ur th9 heros are actually pretty high 😀 Mine are 6 and 10 but still in last war i 100%d enemys 1. that had 100% lava walls, 55 heros combined and anti 3 star layout (+ max defenses for th9) so basically almost 100% max th9 :D

  17. the flying Valkyrie is coming out soon XD

  18. ?

  19. I love your vids beak 🙂 ?high five

  20. How do you join ruthless 50 beak

  21. What's up Beack!

  22. Osama is one of your best attackers? Does he bomb everyone or something? (I`m not racist) LOVE YA BEAK

  23. if you mute a tree and it falls on the ground, does it make a sound?

  24. Everyday your vids get better keep up the work man!!!

  25. Can i join your clan 1210 trophies

  26. hey beaker I've always wanted you to say hi to me

  27. How to attack without queen in low champion …TAT(TH9)

  28. can I join your clan dude

  29. Hey beaker!

  30. Your the man beaker

  31. I bet beaker won't respond to this☹️

  32. Good vid

  33. Hi everyone.

  34. Hey Beak

  35. keep it on beak!!!!

  36. Yo Beak plz do more Clash Royale

  37. Sup

  38. beaker wassup bro ur the best youtuber

  39. what did he say at5:00

  40. hogs should get a buff and valks should get a dps nerf and bowlers should be slightly nerfed ……if u agreeeee with me say yep…and feel free to say nope

  41. haha was waiting for ur video nd finally here it is thanks a bit late though ..You r awesome bro ☺

  42. Hi Beaker your awesome!!! Keep up the good work.


  44. great video

  45. Bird

  46. hey beak