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Clash of Clans – Immortal Queen Goes Shopping at Sherbet Towers

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  7. no more videous with your face please

  8. is you still doing your let's clash series yes or no pls tell sent a little link

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  11. Hey Brandon, please do more farming and leveling up videos, i personally think that such videos aren't as entertaining as farming and leveling.

  12. Is it me or are the army camps with the queen in shape of a swastika cross?

  13. Please don t talk like that in ur intro!!!u re a grown man u sound like a pedhopil


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  17. nice pls more try it with Barbara king

  18. always awesome content brandon

  19. hey brandon……love ur vids mate.would u recommend BARCH or BAM for elixir and dark elixir farming???Meow~

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  22. Hi brandon.

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