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Clash of Clans – IMPOSSIBLE TO LOSE BASE! Level 1 Town Hall 11 Defense Troll Base!

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  1. what a rush guy he didnt upgrade his spring traps!

  2. intro song name pls

  3. You should create a account on clash royale


  5. 1:47 LOL

  6. Plzzz send me the starting music


  8. It's good play it pls

  9. I wanna see agraio lol ?that game fun tho

  10. get it it is good

  11. CQOTD: Are you the GOAT?

  12. wite lightning about the acount u just mentioned can u join my clan


  14. What r these people doing at bronze!!!!!!!!!

  15. Did you realy fully gem'd that Townhall?

  16. dude u got anger problams

  17. people are attack me with one troop like they did u

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  19. CQOTD:what do P.E.K.K.A STAND FOR

  20. dont get clash royale if you get i dont watch sorry

  21. Hey Wite,
    You should upgrade your King and Queen to level 5. Ik you want level 1 stuff on this account but you can say that their ABILITIES are level one so its fair game. Hero abilities would help you rek noobs easier.

  22. wow

  23. Will you join my clan it's called the CLASHERS but write #82u2ggcc

  24. He did this on a private server

  25. "Aaaannnnd Comcast is going to 3 star us" ????

  26. MYSTLS7 are play BOOM BEACH

  27. My name in clash of clans is (Fluffa Foxy) im going to join now if you guys let me

  28. play clash royale

  29. Can I join your clan The Fish Army witelitingHWD plz

  30. Boom beach or clash?

  31. hi mystlc7

  32. In my opinion it's not worth it to down load because the balensing is shit, some things are way to fucking over powerd

  33. Are you ever going to play clash royals?

  34. can i join to uor clan plzzz my name is kenz

  35. +MYSTLC7-Clash Of Clans I can't join ur clan because it's 2000+ to join


  37. I want in clan but I can't join because 2000+to join

  38. Do Tomb Raider

  39. Don't get that shit

  40. #AirSweepersRuinsRaids

  41. I requested too join your clan im th 7

  42. CQOTD: What did you do over Winter Break?

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  44. 7


  46. what's the background music

  47. It is really good!

  48. what clan are you in

  49. what does HWD mean?

  50. what is that song at the end?