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Clash of Clans – Incredible “Queen Walk” CLAN WAR RAIDS!

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  1. both of your attacks and 2 more

  2. I generally like to see both the youtubers attacks and also 2-3 more of his or her clanmates attacks in a war video.

  3. yayy reload :)

  4. Im gonna comment again, seeming you probaply didnt see my last one.
    I made you the intro check out my channel :')

  5. Look at Ruby Designs video! He made you a WAY better intro :)

  6. Nice vid mate :)

  7. Hay Dub, you should put as many attacks as you want in your vids, its your YT Channel, i think the more the better, i am like a new town hall 10 so the more the better for me! (i Was max town hall 9 expect the heroes and walls) thx Dub! keep up the great work! xD

  8. Nice video DubWar!

  9. REUPLOAD Last night I left the house and couldn't fix the black screen half way into the video! Sorry about that guys! New video tomorrow :)

  10. That's better :)

  11. great attacks!