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Clash Of Clans – INCREDIBLE TROLL BASE “THE SWIRL” – Trolling Clan / Friendly Challenge 2016!

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  1. jaso used earthquaqe

  2. Hi Tony!

  3. general

  4. hi

  5. hey tony I found ur clan and it waa closed and I only need one hundred more trophies cn u make the clan open and put the required trophies to 1000 plz

  6. Wow if they used melee troops like the barbs, valkyries or something like that they wouldn't go around/outside the swirl …..if everyone did like Jaso ….

  7. Need gems

  8. never seen a base like it. Insane but awesome lol

  9. what

  10. your not the last coc YouTuber, check out beakers lab he does coc videos

  11. General Tony! coc is still good, many people still plays coc, the only reason why Youtubers stoped make coc videos is that they don't have more video ideas.

  12. troll bases

  13. Tony can you reduce the trophies a little bit in your clan I want to come there

  14. same he is so cool

  15. please

  16. can someone help im a rushed th 9 plz plz

  17. nice vid


  19. more troll

  20. trolly trolly trolly

  21. can i join your clan put it on open

  22. i have townhall 7 and my leavel 47 please bro

  23. in game my name is Jaspal and i like videos i see your almost all videos

  24. Troll base

  25. Tony I love you're vids, keep up the good work, and if you reply I will give you an Apple Watch and a cupcake

  26. bro can i join you clan

  27. you always think of something new