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Clash Of Clans – Insane 1.5 Million Loot Raid Again!!! Record

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  1. Nice loot

  2. Nice vid pal, liked and subbed, I would really appreciate if u did the same on my channel, thanks and stay awesome!!

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  4. amazing video left a like and a sub and il be active if ur active back dude and also I would be happy if u checked my latest and commented and liked also if ur active consistently il give u a shoutout

  5. That's cute

  6. Also something funny I used 10 dragons in a raid because I always have max elixir so I thought what the heck so I used 10 dragons and my king barb and I only got 85% in my raid

  7. Hey Great video man. Now I have a question and I know it's off topic but could you make a video with gameplay of Mcpe 0.9.5? So that I can do a voice commentary over it as a New Years Day Special?

  8. epic raid!! I wish I had that much loot in my raids 0_0
    I got some good raids but that is… so much more

  9. Like when i Need the loot I can't find any. But when I'm wall farming. I find tons of loot

  10. Lol

  11. first