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  1. He got all the loot on the 1st base and he got all the loot on the last second

  2. Guys is this update forever ?

  3. been using mass Valk and that's some killer stuff. 3 wiz, 27 Valk, cc troop Golem. Heal, Rage, Jump

  4. Gvo

  5. I always think you have way more subs, you definitely deserve atleast a million in my opinion. love the videos❤❤❤

  6. I'm a town hall 8, and i use 6 valkyries, 12 wallbreakers, 12 wizards, and the rest giants

  7. I train dragons xD

  8. Using GiWiz to farm DE to max out my AQ LV25 right now

  9. Ballloooniannn ftw 🙂 ur awesome beak

  10. Hey beak love your raids?
    was wondering as the brewing time is reduced
    so will u use more than 1 spell

  11. Beak, should I upgrade valks to lvl 4 or golems to lvl 3?

  12. what's op

  13. lol lol lol lol lol

  14. Hey Buddies

  15. Hello Beaker,
    i got a clan with some friends and we always loose the clanwars, because we cant get the 3 Stars.
    Now we dont have so much dark for your OP Strats with Walks ….. Can you make a vidoe for good 3 Star attacks without Dark Elixier?????

    We really want to win a war 😀 😀

  16. im still using gibarch

  17. Gonna try this strategy ?

  18. 12 giants 12 valcs 9 wizards is love

  19. 2 golem, 3 pekka, 14 wiz, 6 wall breakers, 1 minion 2 heal. 1 rage and 3 eq spell beaker please try this strategy in your next video cya bro love you

  20. Hey beaker even we wanna play with you in your clan please help buddy

  21. I love your video's dude. And I use IMMAGIN farming composition because he told me to. 🙂 <3

  22. Congratz for 200k subs beak!!

  23. Brbs archrs giants wiz walbreaker

  24. cool

  25. What Clan Is Beaker In?(Just Asking)

  26. queen healer gbarch

  27. Do an all golem raid

  28. Can i join u clan im a th8

  29. Love ur vids

  30. 6 healers, 8 giants, 8 wiz, 6 wallbreakers and archers

  31. Your vids always put me in a good mood beak :)

  32. If u have the queen upgraded. What farming strategy do you recomend?

  33. Can you help me pls

  34. I'm th9 and tried to usw that Armee and i haven't so much Place.I don't know why

  35. hey breaker

  36. Hahaha

  37. dude i just saw the th 9 with level 10 walls?
    look at the second raid

  38. Ok so my screen just went blurry at 1:44 and this is what I see: 7 Golems 35 Wizards 3 minions and 43 archers and 1 rage and 1 heal

  39. When will you buy your Xbows??????