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  1. The maze of troublness

  2. The Rainbow

  3. Tony I have a name for the base: Mr.Donut's Defences, good name?

  4. I love you vids. But i need advice, hey tony trying to get players to join my clan in coc but the just keep leaving after a few minutes of been in the clan can i get some advice on how to keep players in a clan.

  5. The Spiral of Doom

  6. Name it the "around about"

  7. the swirl of death

  8. Call it maze runner

  9. name it the Troll Spiral

  10. Spiral of Death

  11. What about
    "The gate's of hell"

  12. The shell base because it spirals like a sea shell btw nice vid

  13. The black hole. Nothing escapes.

  14. Octo"insert word herr"

  15. You should name it the tornado because they go to the center

  16. snail shell troll base

  17. The circle of death

  18. The circle of rage

  19. The helmet base

  20. the donut hole

  21. around the base

  22. Donut

  23. The snail shell

  24. I think it should be called the shell since shells have a curly like design on them

  25. Circle of Certain Death

  26. Should be called: "no mans land"

  27. death go round

  28. Chocolate swirl

  29. Spiral of death

  30. the donut

  31. Ring of death

  32. You should name it SoggyWaffles

  33. Tornado of death!!!!!

  34. U spin my head right round right round!!!

  35. the eye

  36. Name it god base

  37. the spiral

  38. Target because it looks like a target ?

  39. Call it the brain center looks like a brain

  40. Call it the Cornea of Death

  41. I'll name it clockwise troll base

  42. call the base Jasman because Jaso made it and it looks like pacman

  43. The Afro