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Clash Of Clans – INSANE TH9 1.6 MILLION STOLEN!! (Top 5 raids)

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  1. I love you godson no homo tho but I do lol

  2. Thieft?

  3. i remember watching you freshmen year of high school now that game is dead

  4. you are really the only one that i watch that still post this game and for that i think you good sir :)

  5. 2nd place got more loot compared to 1st

  6. clash of clans .. what is that ?

  7. At raid #4 it looked like at the end before he put his last wiz he "clicked"?? On the archer tower how is that possible on a raid because you can see a white ring that tells you the range of the tower weird or what!!!!!!???????

  8. sup godson can I be your bro due

  9. ????

  10. So now….Tell me guys whats the best league for th9 loot


  12. What happen to your channel i didn't wacht for year!!!

  13. What clan are you in to be in the same one

  14. whats the song

  15. Thanks for the honorable mention of my 3 raids! I'll try to find those higher loot raids for next time.

  16. like

  17. i like the way he says godson

  18. People still play this game?

  19. 3:48 the king was dabbing

  20. My video won't send because it's over 25 mb how do I send it?

  21. My video won't send because it's over 25 mb how do I send it?

  22. Sick editting

  23. yo guys check out mine! not much de though ?

  24. Awesome Raid lol

  25. begins at 0:53

  26. subscribe to me plz

  27. sub to sub?

  28. Sub to me

  29. 2 days ago I found a Th8 with 700000 elixir. I 3 stared him with dragons and then I got plus 160000 elixir from star bonus Almost 900000 elixir in less than 5 minutes!!! You know what??? I dont care if people say "COC IS DEAD". More dead bases ,more loot,more fun!!!! If you agree comment down below.

  30. Nobody is gonna read this.. so here we go…

    Godson's views are going down like Harambe #BENGBENG

  31. Yo