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Clash of Clans – IT WORKS! 3 Star TH11 War Bases

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  1. 350th like

  2. please keep putting videos up

  3. I was at ur stream

  4. "Brothers of arms" or "brothers in arms "

  5. Sounds like "frare darm"

  6. Wow, those were some epic attacks. Maybe I should unlock to bowlers now.

  7. the french clan's name is '' brother in arm''


  9. Spencer can I join your clan I have 1400 trophies

  10. bowlers aren't too much ope itis gd for 1 star

  11. Mods still work.

  12. I liked the first intro the most, but this one is cool

  13. Hello Spencer this comment is referred to your doctor dollars account on clash royal I am currently in arena 3 as a level 1 player… Plz comment If want more info

  14. imagine healers

  15. You can three star with air raids now too

  16. Hey it's the FRERES D'ARMES! They are famous in the french CoC community, but a couple months ago they dropped to second best french clan to the TT Flingeurs

  17. freres d'armes means Brother in Arms

  18. enemy clan translation: brothers in arms

  19. Spencer do more videos on clash of clans.

  20. Spencer $23 do not swear because I am 9 years old please do not swear

  21. imagine bowler went into clash royale

  22. Loved the intro and the thumbnail!

  23. 6:55 why does the warden shoot the wall he can jump over it…

  24. I'm so early there's only 360p… I cri evry tim
    Lik if u agreee

  25. Freres d'armes translates to Brothers in arms

  26. I am a th10 and have lev 2 bowlers thay are 3 staring max th10 and I am not max so for me the best troop in the game right now

  27. 20th

  28. Now show the fails!

  29. noticed it was clash of clans instead of clash royale. .immediately clicked off of video

  30. Is it rushed that I'm a th8 level 132 and all of my walls are level 6

  31. First!!!

  32. Hi

  33. Spencer join my clan plz

  34. Under 301 club

  35. Spencer 23$ your the best

  36. lol. hi

  37. Only 360p :,(

  38. arena 5 deck plz answer

  39. nice

  40. best deck to push legendary arena very fast..please help anyone

  41. Hello