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Clash of Clans – It’s MINERS and we KNOW IT! (Update)

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  1. Bam, it's a nice style of bam

  2. good job making a video saying the exact same thing as galafuck

  3. lol you kept saying moles they are miners

  4. epic new intro dude I love it


  6. The miner also does quite a bit of damage it seems

  7. The minecraft made me cringe so hard

  8. 3:05 Why Spencer y?

  9. Anyone know what level miners and baby dragons come out

  10. is the update really tommorow

  11. so people what will happen if you rage a raged baby dragon science it rages itself

  12. there is ground and air combos u noob

  13. Spencer You're Not Cool

  14. Tbh your cam sucks

  15. Golaloon

  16. The dance thought…………………

  17. spencer. you still have trouble recording on the samsung?

  18. When the hell will the update come out for clash of clans

  19. lave bird

  20. sweet intro Spence………oh and good content too ? ?

  21. Anyone know when the update comin out


  23. how about this for an idea, you know when a player is engaged in war and you open up his profile you see next eligible for war is 24hrs or so, what if supercell makes it so once a player has that he/she is not allowed to use the friendly challenge, that way you can't practise attacking a base copied from war, even if you switch clans

  24. Clash royale is bringing CoC back to life

  25. i really love your voice Spencer… its just like Jason Statham ??

  26. Dragons and hogs are used together at th7 and 8

  27. Govaloon, govalo, hogdragon etc.

  28. the quality……

  29. Yus

  30. Best dancer ever

  31. Spencer can you make a hair style tutorial??

  32. You're new intro is dope af

  33. Tomorrow there's a new update coming "PROBABLY ABOUT LUNCHTIME"

  34. Spencer your top went well with your green screen xD great vid pal

  35. I laughed too hard at the snoop dog part

  36. lol!

  37. Lol the smoke week everyday lol lmfao

  38. 360p?

  39. How about a new spell (bring back Santa's strike but nerf it)

  40. awesome dance sir ?

  41. Okey… that dance…. mmmm let me leave a like and back away really slowly….

  42. I think maybe B.B. Drago will do well for cleanup, as it is rages by itself and wont trigger spring traps or die to giant bombs

  43. GoVaLoon…

  44. Why isn't your hair colored in this video?

  45. They still haven't added anything for barch!

  46. nice snoopdog dance

  47. 5 builders busy … LATE START TO THE UPGRADE HYPE …

  48. Whoever is hyped say #ClashOfClansHype

  49. Does anybody know why Spencer hasn't been "in the know" I guess you could call it with Supercell? It seems like they basically kicked him away, and I want to know why

  50. Can you guys keep this comment at an odd number likes?