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Clash of Clans – IT’S TIME FOR.. TH11!

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  1. can you goin to my clan my clans name is ice es

  2. Hi everyone,i have a way to get free gems in coc in my channel!It really works!

  3. really loot iz fucked after the update aaand i might quit bcoz of that…love ur voice dub

  4. Glad to see you back in action!!!! Do post more videos bro!!! Cheers!!! :D

  5. Lots of dead bases (TH9's) in Bronze 1, Silver 2 & 3 so far. Still very difficult to Barch! (Probably because these bases are getting attacked a lot more without getting shield = all the resources are gone by now)

  6. Loot is fucked to death from ass for barcher th10 players.

  7. Rusher detected!

  8. any thought on the new update???

  9. Get better Dub lol keep up the videos love em… you have potential

  10. lol im not sure this was meant to be..

  11. So far dead bases have been really rare in gold 3

  12. Personally I think you should've maxed your base before th11 :/

  13. Old intro plz

  14. Upgrade your walls. They look like absolute shit at level 8 (especially on a TH11 base…)

  15. I have had many dead bases around silver 1 and 2 as a TH 8

  16. New clash channel here (:

    Great upload dubs!

  17. vila nb

  18. Glad ur bak dub
    May take u a bit to regain subs doe

  19. This video has no comments

  20. Rush base even more rush now , why dub why :(