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Clash of Clans Jar of Stars REMIX! (Big thanks to Glider!)

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  1. spencer could one of your lesser clans let me in just for the special war… im no the best but would be honored to participate and talk to some of them… th8 using drags with lightning

  2. -women only call me ugly until they find out how much money i make

    -Then they call me ugly and poor

  3. is glider a female or male? am confused. i need an answer please

  4. hi Spencer, last week I played clash royale with an army that I think you should like.
    x bow
    bomb tower

    we didn't play with the collector because the other guy didn't have, you can try to use it too.
    hope you will like it :)

  5. hey spencer !!!

  6. Nice Vid

  7. Nice Vid

  8. Nice Vid

  9. Nice Vid

  10. $32recneps

  11. Still a better intro than Spencers.

  12. HI Spencer

  13. 4

  14. 4

  15. UMMMMM

  16. yasss

  17. hi Spencer I'm a giant hehehe fan plz tell me if u got it

  18. Nice video?