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Clash of Clans – Journey to Legend Ep. #3: PLANE RAIDING!

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  1. Pat is this after the nerf to the witches or before because they still look pretty damn strong?

  2. dammmn you're so MLG in 4 days ill be th 11 ill copy that design maybe it'll protect better my th and loot idk what kind of designs do you guys recommend for defending loot on th 11

  3. The "only" defence won?

  4. Can You Try My Channel

  5. Does anyone else's game crash when searching for a raid?

  6. hahah clouds are better when your up there, nice vid pat.

  7. No way you have level 20 warden already… When you get to legend league, it's not legit

  8. Hey Pat where is #3 of your Clash animation? I'm also doing an awesome series called Clash Survival in which I'm never allowed to get 3-starred

  9. 911 thumbnail

  10. Pat why are you going to Finland? Super secret SC dev meeting I presume <3

  11. Chief is already at 4913 if you look in his clan

  12. After new update,im not getting any good loot/dead base!!
    Any suggestions?

  13. Can someone join my clan or who wants to make a clan together repliey to me what time and what name

  14. 5:55
    "Giant bomb gunna take out some of these skeletons, but its ok theyre gunna spawn some more witches…"

    I wish lmao

  15. هسه انشوف هاشم عامر اول لايك بمقطع

  16. that thumbnail
    a plane crashing into twinhall
    i mean townhall


  17. OMG your video quality is AWESOME!

  18. on my channel you will see i kick random objects

    i kicked a knife 18+

  19. What app do you use to record your screen?

  20. hi