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Clash of Clans – Journey to Legend Ep. #4: 3 Star Bonanza!

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  1. Great video chief I was 250th like your the best clashes I've seen on youtube

  2. 60th

  3. i cant believe it was going to masters and accidentally dropped a troop on max th 9 and only got 28% and lost 20 tophies and then i got rekt on defence by another th9 and lost 36 trophies like wtf just so much bullshit

  4. In this update you killing the game
    Why!!!!! ??

  5. People complain about level 3 witches and have big open bases and single target infernos wtf change your base make it closed and have to get through a lot of walls and put infernos on multi wow so dumb.

  6. I love these videos, keep them up!

  7. 56k gems….i will kill my self hahahahaha
    love ya

  8. Anyone can't found Farming

  9. Please do a "Lets Play" explaining where to farm for gold easily, as I cannot find any dead bases! Like if you agree.

  10. I haven't heard about the skeletons being nerfed!?

  11. nice your the best you are gaining three stars more than galadon

  12. can u do an attack live and recording?

  13. I don't like pushing any more because of this overpowered witches lvl 3 who piss you off in defense

  14. Join the under 301 club we have ???????????????????????????????????????????????????

  15. that last raid 300k of each + 3k de
    add it to the bonus is 600k+ each and 5k+ de

  16. Did you see the glitch with the troops on 1:05

  17. Fuck update

  18. 39th

  19. What skeleton nerf?

  20. lol jk