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Clash of Clans – Journey to Legend Ep. #5: Personal RECORD!

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  1. Is farming coming back or is the game gonna stay shit forever

  2. You can do it go to legend

  3. what about defenses?

  4. Pat what's happening to my clash? I can't attack, every time I click the attack button the app crashes. I've tried restarting my phone and reinstalling clash but none of it works. Any ideas/fixes?

  5. The second base you attacked was Cam's th10 base

  6. why are they nerfing skeletons. skeletons are not the problem, its the grand warden which makes them OP. so it might valence th11 but th9s will suffer as they like to use gowiwi but don't have a warden. piss off supercell. not everything can be solved with a nerf

  7. i kick things on my channel

    i take reccomendations :)

  8. what did they do to nerf the skeletons?

  9. i freaking love this channel

  10. please chife give me a good village

  11. im a potato

  12. the grand warden moved over to go through the jump spell, they need to fix that, that could ruin raids. (grand warden jumps over walls)

  13. upload lat's plau clash of clans

  14. Nice video chief pat


  16. Chief pat is there a chance that I can join ur clan plzz

  17. 1 Like= Kiss your crush!
    1 Sub= Fuck your crush!

  18. Pat, are you saying " until " or " intil " (next time, pce out)

  19. You should do a ballon and minions raid

  20. Beautifull raids ! GG Pat !