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Clash of Clans – Journey to Legend Ep. #6: Attacking Legends!

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  2. Is no one going to talk about the enormous amount of loot he just got

  3. Lol 4900 to 500

  4. Are you ever going to do any other attack strategies? I hope so.

  5. your the titian not the legend

  6. You can just tell he wins the defense, because why would he show us that he loses?

  7. Legends*

  8. people still play this game ?

  9. Good luck Pat.

  10. I'm glad they nerfed the witches, you shouldn't be able to 3 star th 11s with little to no effort xd

  11. I am not sure if I just found a easteregg in the game. Look at the very top corner if you zoom you cinda see a person looking thing

  12. In the Beginning He said first titan player attacking lol

  13. Um pay I think they are called legends

  14. will the next episode be one of the last since you are almost in legend

  15. Sgt.

  16. 0:15 First titan player ever have u never attacked a titan and ur titan 1 …

  17. the sentence below is true

    the sentence above is false

  18. nice

  19. Dang you said Titans so much I thought you would've corrected yourself sooner

  20. you attaxked a legend lol not "a titan"