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Clash Of Clans – JUMP SPELLS & BABY DRAGONS = CHAMELEON! (Troll raids)

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  2. all poison spells and miners

  3. Skeleton Spell and Some Clone Spell ?

  4. I feel like baby dragons could be used as the wizard of air raids.

  5. And can you clone your miner try that put it on you tube

  6. Earth quack spells and miners same

  7. try baby ? dragon,golem,lava and loons i did 3s maxx th11 in clan war ???

  8. Intro. 9mm pistol shell penetrating tank armor. 10/10

  9. The legend captain miller ?

  10. like

  11. Do 1 lava hound and 1 golem and use baby dragons to finish the rest lel best attack ever :)

  12. How can a tiny pistol kill a tiger 1 frontally?

  13. miner and jump spell

  14. Troll with Pilsen

  15. He said he's been working hard to look for a troop combination for the baby dragon and he gives us this

  16. double rage baby dragon? rage spell on enraged baby dragon

  17. awesome

  18. Miners+earthqauke spell=destruction

  19. Hey godson can i get a YEAAAAAA!!

  20. Why does it say gullible on the end of Godson's description?

  21. your my favourite youtuber

  22. miner or hog troll

  23. minor and earthquake

  24. Do 300 miners

  25. maybe you could try the miners and the hog riders its gonna work i believe im just th9 so idk

  26. #GivePewdsHisDiamondPlayButton

  27. 2:45 lol north west

  28. So much fun trolling this way…..

  29. I am jeff

  30. ftftif I am early

  31. lol

  32. no why godson that my favorite movie

  33. Use miner and jump spell

  34. Skeleton Spells + Healing Spells!

  35. Idk what's stupider, jump spells on baby dragons or hog riders…

  36. best intro ever

  37. what a troll jajajaj epic rai the 1st one

  38. Earthquake spells and miners

  39. Miners and earthquake spells

  40. Miners with jump spells

  41. we want clash royale videos pls man

  42. ok

  43. I don't get how it's trolling

  44. So you're telling me, that you have maxed out a new troop that hasn't been out for a week and you haven't maxed balloons?

  45. Lol they are pretty cute tho ???

  46. 2:42 Still haven't got east and west have you ahahah. Great vid anyways, love ya!

  47. Can you try to do A bowler,Wizerd, and a baby dragon raid please

  48. Lol Wasup with godson's intro's?? ?

  49. Love your videos man. @godson