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Clash Of Clans – KINGS of CLASH!! (balloon parade!!)

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  1. Balloon

  2. I love how you say Yeeeaahhh and how you put the pictures on the screen but mostly I love your personality and how you make everything so funny :D

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  4. I Play Clash of cClans

  5. Woah yeah!!!!!!!

  6. BALLONS FTW!!!!!!!

  7. Moneyzzzzzz

  8. Did anyone else see how the king just one-shotted the queen in his rage mode?

  9. goblines rade in lowest town halls

  10. Is clashroyale out? For the US

  11. soon town hall 12

  12. Anyone still watch godson old videos.

  13. Damn godson

    Back at it again with those awesome attacks!

  14. do more video's your self other whys good stuff???

  15. balooooon paraadee

  16. The only things you said were:"yohoo" or "lets goo"….fucking gay

  17. Godson your such a good attacker

  18. Damn godson where are your game plays I miss those videos

  19. Sup Godson. I Just Want U To Know That U r The BEST Youtuber EVER. Pewdiepie,Jacksepticeye,Markiplier,Etc They Got NOTHING On U. Godson 4 Ever. Also Keep Clashin On. Btw Forget The Haters,They Can Drink Haterade And We Can Drink Dat PURPLE COOL AID! YEEEEEEAeaaaaeah!

  20. I remember when this game was fun and I literally couldn't stop playing it but now I can't even look at the game

  21. whoo

  22. Can we try to stay a even amount of likes

  23. So umm.. I'm pretty sure I was first, 1000

  24. im erarly

  25. Very interesting, 2 random attacks from th11s vs th9 and 10, not so much skill…So innovative video idea!

  26. Hi

  27. godson ur awsome bro


  29. sly

  30. The noise lava hounds make when they explode xD

  31. nr 500

  32. 24th

  33. HI

  34. GODSON

  35. # balloons for life

  36. I'M EARLY

  37. so early

  38. Hey was sup godson wanna fight

  39. Godson notice me

  40. Godson say me Yeaaaaah please :-)

  41. 22nd ?? SHIT!!!

  42. Godson is first noobs.

  43. 10th

  44. 69th

  45. hi

  46. No I was

  47. 3rd