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  1. Nice strategy (:

  2. What coincidence Ash, I recently upgraded my heroes and deciding what farming troop to use, I was thinking if i wanna do Lavaloonion and because of your video, I'm convinced :)

  3. thats what i do when my heros a down..

  4. Hey! Remember me? :P

  5. What war strategy is good to 3 star a max th9 without clan castle assistance

  6. Ash I always love your videos! Keep posting more. Love how awesome and genuine you are?

  7. This is my everyday raid. Heroes or not. I got it from you about two months before this video. I've been getting crazy loot and I'm in masters league so the loot bonus makes up for everything. Great video once again.

  8. 5th comment

  9. you are great ash ?✌✌?

  10. viewer 47!
    Ash can you test valks at th11 and see how well they work? Thanks for the lava loon farming guide. My queen has been dead for the last month and a half straight with a valkyrie tornado farming strategy(its fun). Also the infamous 4 corners base(the one where you attacked the th10, but the standard th9 form of it) is a pushover with valk tornado. My clanamates can practically 3* it with their eyes closed, no matter what lvl defenses.

  11. 3rd!, awesome new background Ash!

  12. ?

  13. ha