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Clash Of Clans | LEGEND Th11 Live Defence EdDaNub™ (Quantum) With Commentary Part 1

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  1. suomi!

  2. Ed, i found a really crazy crazy rare bug in clash meanwhile i was donating in clan hopping, if you are wondering it was actually in a clan, if you are interested in the bug send me a message in private cause i do not want anyone to know it, only you. or by email.

  3. Son muy buenos los videos si lo tradujeras sería genial. Igual like!!.

  4. buen vídeo bro, sube uno en el que untentes hablar español, saludos

  5. Tuleeko enään noobilla mitään settiä?

  6. Can you make a german Video ? 😀 I`m sure that you can do this 😀 <3

  7. Ed you have some spanish On your channel i think thats pretty cool !

  8. what happened to Quantum'sWeb? why is everybody now in Quantum?

  9. ED, pensándolo, algunas personas como yo sólo usamos Twitter y no así Imstagram. Me gustaría que también subas imágenes a Twitter.

  10. Me encantan tus vídeos Ed, no hablo inglés pero peleo tratando de entender algo. Like antes de siquiera ver tu vídeo nuevo. Exitos siempre.

  11. ShadowDreamz ABN Rangers attacked EdDANub From the clan Q™

  12. Tô.OP Likee, Nicee 😉

  13. I just took a Defense for -36 Ed is bad luck ??

  14. Hell yeah ed you da man :)

  15. ???


  16. Nice vid man?

  17. First Comment You l
    Little Shits

  18. Ed u da shit brother