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Clash Of Clans | LEGEND Th11 LIVE DEFENCE EdDaNub™ (Quantum’s Web) With Commentary Part 2

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  1. this nigga hella funny

  2. Brazil #AlmerioBarros

  3. Edd what do you think of trophie pushing now ? is it easier?? I just saw that bosshog dude has made his own clan and said he is hating the game saying how he was number 1 blah blah blah . and doesn't wanna play no more . lol may be he has just played it too much ?? ha. he has like 50 war stars wtf that all about ?? me be he should try war and he might like the game again . hehe

  4. very funny video lol -16 hurts bro

  5. YES!!!!! thats what im talking about. KEEP POSTING, im waiting daily lol…….vn ed

  6. Hey ed nice video
    Im having a tough time upgrading my royals as a th9 i suck so bad i cant raid for dark without spending dark
    And it makes me so bad how they took out th sniping

  7. Hahahahahaahahaha I love the comments you say while being attacked hahahaha I love this type of videos!! Great Clasher Ed! Go and take some noobs by their asses! xD

  8. hy ed!

    I really like the pushing from quantum and the wars of ITD! One day we ll Meet in one of those clans . only Some hero levels to go almost Maxed and About 800 trophys. hopefully we will c us then.

    wish you the best fpr 2016.

    greetings from vienna

  9. i looove live defences ?? more, more, more brooo

  10. I love this series ?

  11. ED i AM from a channel almerio barros

  12. fogo neles almerio barros

  13. Dam -16 for 1 star that sucks! Keep up the good work Ed!

  14. Vim pelo almerio

  15. #brazil
    e nozes

  16. Yes its Edddddddddddddd :DDD

  17. Yes its Edddddddddddddd :DDD

  18. love them live replays mate.
    good work as usual.

  19. "Fuck fuck fuck fuck" i love you ed ❤️

  20. Nice Ed ?☕️❤️