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Clash Of Clans | LEGEND Th11 LIVE DEFENCE EdDaNub™ (Quantum’s Web) With Commentary Part 5

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  1. I'm new at hearing about clash with Ed, i will say i've learned so much from you thank you for helping with new strategies, especially the dragon attack i can now 3 star th11 with that attack easy your awesome man. Can you show some more air attacks that work for you Ed id really appreciate it.

  2. LOL Tobi Kaiser use 4Golems and ne has Skill :D

  3. PLS more Live Defence!!

  4. Tietääkö joku mitä tapahtu Kansanedustajat kanavalle. ? :/

  5. I like your def Ed

  6. hi Ed! pls make some video about the th11 war base setup, layout. your ideas bout that etc. thank u in advance!

  7. Nice vid bro. You should do a fave reveal some vid

  8. I just love ur bases Ed…:)can u show ur bases fully in the next video need them…

  9. my cups r 4800 now ? am coming to leagund league then join u ☺?

  10. Like.. Subscribe channel

  11. Bro, how come u GET two girls same day and still u get to do the video !!! Tell me te secret

  12. you little one star pony ;)

  13. I always thought you are from u.s.a.

  14. ed you from finland and you are a champagne seller, nice to know :)

  15. Niceeee

  16. no one else noticed the 6,666 gems? illuminati confirmed LOL.

  17. The other defenses were won on the same basis of war ?

  18. Voisit kertoa iha videolla että tietäisin

  19. Pelaatko clash royalsia ja jos pelaat nii voisitko tehä videon siitä tai edes kertoa mielipitees :)

  20. Nice defense Ed!

  21. Luck and Skill in 1 attack

  22. Yaay! I love TH11 Legend live defences :D<3

  23. I love these so much!!!