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Clash Of Clans – LEGEND Vs. LEGEND 3 STAR!!! (Live stream for 2016)

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  1. 나르디스님이다!

  2. quem e br aí poha

  3. 나르디스 만세ㅔㅔㅔㅔ

  4. 나르디스 팬입니다.저는 한국만을 응원합니다

  5. YEEaaa this is Godson…

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  7. Now all the comments I've seen that say like if your watching in 2016 I can actually reply saying I am lol

  8. Happy New Year Godson!!!

  9. cool

  10. lol 'keep bringing good content' well you gotta find good content first. thats awkward

  11. 역시 나르디스

  12. Love your videos man they always make me laugh

  13. Another Super Sellout… I have been a loyal subscriber and watcher of this channel for a while…but no more… Your silence on SC killing COC is deafening… When your cash here dries up you will remember that it was your viewers that made your channel great not SC… No more money from my views! Good day!


  15. I am dark wolf

  16. It's called dark wolfs

  17. I have a clan with 30 people in it

  18. I am a subscriber

  19. Hi

  20. Them boom beach ads be f*ckin my mind up lol

  21. You to

  22. Happy New Year you da man!!!!!! Keep it up! For Peter! ??

  23. could u check my chanel out i started and i record full hd videos so thank u

  24. remember my name -miri (maxim)

  25. Godson

  26. merry christmas

  27. I thought he was black

  28. cool

  29. hgd

  30. godson i didnt get to see the livestream

  31. Where do we submit our entries for top 5 loot raids?

  32. Godson*

  33. Gossip we haven't seen you attack in a long!!!!! Time

  34. ciool

  35. i thought godson was black

  36. Nice seeing your face :)

  37. Godson I saw Eclipse on global from kings rock he's awesome