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Clash Of Clans – LEGENDARY GRAND WARDEN RAIDS!!! (Pro gameplay)

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  1. GO ROCK!!!!! – Kings Fam Co-Lead

  2. good games gadson

  3. Just started off, I would appreciate if you guys check it out once :)

  4. heng tangs bangs

  5. Lol "pro gameplay" must take a lot of skill

  6. heyyy..godson reply me…yeeaaaaa

  7. Lmao i met senri on global

  8. I'd like to see how Godson does if he does live commentating over replays or live attacks.

  9. Is anyone else having a hard time farming after the update? I can't stay down in trophies and the armies I have to use to get loot out cost the loot I'm gaining because either the CC is getting me or I just can't 100% them. Th9 maxed defenses working on walls



  12. Hey godson why don't you do like a CQOTD ?

  13. Who found it funny that all 3 wallbreakers eat different area on the second attack???

  14. godson if you don't reply I will kill your family boooo

  15. Godsons comment section is so supportive it's nice to see it because it's just so rare to see now a days

  16. I love those epic faces he edits on it some how makes the video a 20/10 instead of a 10/10

  17. Dragon+Grand Wardem = IMBA

    Hey guys watch my channel to i create funny clash of clans video 🙂 and help me for 20subscribe need 4 more!!

  18. i already stop playing coc but still watch godson vids……idk why

  19. i love drugs…. sorry Drags

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