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Clash Of Clans – LEGENDARY VALKYRIE 3 STAR!! (2 Million Stolen!!)

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  1. BUTT!!!

  2. Lol, great video man! :D

  3. انا احبك

  4. The intro was ftw ,it should be coc

  5. New subscriber here. Your special effects are ???. And hilarious. Good job bro.

  6. Do you record on pc or mobile

  7. hey! godson will u accept me in ur clan?

  8. This guy is the worst coc youtuber
    don't know how he got so many subscribers.

  9. this type of video is totally trash -.- really low quality and there's nothing going , dafq godson

  10. OH….MY……….GOD

  11. Valks

  12. ironic bro. my buddy nitro and myself just hit the same ammount of loot and took all of it. what is up with all these crazy dead bases. maybe modders that are banned? get with me godson.

  13. Make another video


  15. Godson love your coc vids your funny and I been a subscriber for a long time keep it up!!

  16. why do y'all say everything is overpowered? it's a good thing that you can 3 star th11s if your a good attacker

  17. #اصحاب-ثنيان

  18. godson you inspired me too push too arena 6 in clash royale and I got there

  19. I would love to get 1 million monies right now

  20. There's a new death sound for the Archer, it's one of the unneeded changes.

  21. I'm waiting for a feminist to bash on the intro

  22. theres new sound for the archer

  23. King Barb murdered so many poor Archers…. Honestly, I would date an archer xD

  24. this is your fool time job isn't it