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Clash of Clans – LEGENDS A-BAN-don their bases! (+War Announcement!)

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  1. Was that wite's intro song?

  2. Awesome video spencer…. Hope this update helps and fixes our game! Hope to see you in the tournament

  3. The ending though

  4. "Give us your ID and we'll come a-knocking." Might have been misunderstood for those of us who don't have Line… XD

  5. if you do this clan war event, will you make a video of the requirements to join?

  6. +Spencer$23

  7. Does anyone know what TH levels Spencer is looking for in the huge clan wars he's planning??

  8. LOL 10/10

  9. How much time do we have to join a clan?

  10. I don't war much but I'd definitely be down to join and be a part of clash history lol

  11. BAM I'm watching you more often just because of that amazing outro ??

  12. Which ones are open

  13. #SupercellHatesCam

  14. This just shows you how little you really know about bases… good luck

  15. I agree supercell could have done it earlier.
    ༺ ϻᎥ¢я๏❶❸$ ༻

  16. Bless

  17. I believe NCS has some conditions to let them use their music. Which is mainly in the description, and I don't see that here…

    Btw, background music is Alan Walker – Spectre

  18. I tried lots of mods and I still didn't get a bit of any fun just my luck

  19. lmao, psy's got competition :p

  20. Spencer what TH levels are you looking for?

  21. Spencer23$ if u reply u made my day

  22. Looking forward to this LP clan war extravaganza!! Hail Hydra!!!

  23. Nice video man…… absolutely killed it with the outro

  24. Lol that last moment dancing XD

  25. well that ending made the video. i would love to take part in JUST ONE of those wars. i am a fully maxed th8

  26. You are a nut job, made me laugh with the funny moves at the end.

  27. soo what I'm saying is their will still be modder, just ask a hacker

  28. Wtf that outro tho

  29. OK look mods r mods rite? well the true people who can make mods r hackers ,people who can't mod r not hackers ,hacker r people who can mod, u can't stop a hacker only a modder

  30. someone make a gif on the ending lol

  31. spence. no. OMG. stop dancing!! OMG!

  32. #makeclashgreatagain

  33. Spencer can i join the war? i have a friend in LP6 mino and im a almost max th8. if not thx for reading☺

  34. I can still mod ??

  35. Can I join ur clan spencer? I'm a th 9 lvl 97

  36. I will donate $20 to u spencer if u make an hour long video of u just doing Just Dance