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Clash of Clans – LEGENDS LEAGUE TROLL BASE! Funny Legends League Fail

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  1. Do a troll base but make a new one´╗┐

  2. Trumps will be the next US currency. That is why you were confused.´╗┐

  3. Bro can u put trophies down to 1,300 for 5sec and I will join please´╗┐

  4. I've been a subscriber since MYSTLC7 was at 96,000. Around there.´╗┐

  5. 100k more subs and we can finally learn what HWD is´╗┐

  6. Cybora is on global trying to get people to pay to get into Daddy's Darlings.´╗┐

  7. Tell us what HWD stands for in the 1,000,000 sub milestone!´╗┐

  8. Tell us what HWD means´╗┐

  9. 2starred -37 yesterday
    i need defense win :(´╗┐

  10. Can you do a revenge challenge? Like when that guy destroyed ur base you will have revenge´╗┐

  11. You once said you would reveal what HWD means for 1m subscribers´╗┐

  12. Hey witelightinghwd can I join daddy's darlings I have u in my book marks I am in gold league 2 I have hogs and dragon almost have pekkas´╗┐

  13. CQOTD: Are you failing high school? (i.e. Getting bad grades, etc)´╗┐

  14. sub to me

    reply done

    ill sub back when u reply´╗┐

  15. Still Watching!´╗┐

  16. Im a true fan because I heard u say if your still here your a true fan hahaha´╗┐


  18. yu shud do a master ov car reveil where he goes and shows off the speed of the car and speeds it fuckin awesome but this is for the million subs´╗┐

  19. Anyone else got bothered by him not removing the tombstones?´╗┐

  20. Pause at 2:10 and read bottom message´╗┐

  21. I just sup today´╗┐

  22. Do a skydive or a bungee jump for your 1m subs vid :D´╗┐

  23. can I join your clan im a town hall 8 called marshmallow at 1338 trophies´╗┐

  24. Make a literal troll base. Not one with your defense's at like the corners and edges, but all around the town hall and everything.´╗┐

  25. no problem we like your vid´╗┐

  26. Happy 900k!!!!!´╗┐

  27. I've only been here since 650k´╗┐

  28. He should do a 1mill Call of Duty montage, because obviously that's what his channel is based off of, COD!´╗┐

  29. CQOTD: Are you ever going to go against clash of comedy in war´╗┐

  30. I saw you brother on clash of clans right now omg omg tell him that I seaid hi from yesenia´╗┐

  31. Remember you said you will tell us what HWD means for 1 mill subs don't forget I'll remember´╗┐

  32. Stop pushing it is boring now´╗┐

  33. OMG´╗┐

  34. I FOUND UR CLAN CN I JOin´╗┐

  35. wite hope it don't take too long to hit that 1 mil I got my clan to subscribe and I promote you in global been down for awhile bro learned a lot keep it up PEACE´╗┐

  36. spanish´╗┐

  37. Can i get likes for no reason ?´╗┐

  38. your base is like concrete´╗┐

  39. http://www.FUCK TRUMP.COM´╗┐

  40. CQOTD what will you do if you are top player in clash of clans and your clan level 10´╗┐

  41. i want more trolling ;(´╗┐

  42. great job´╗┐

  43. do you like making more clash of clans videos or more clash royale videos I hope you pick my qoistain and thanks´╗┐

  44. 9000000´╗┐

  45. Congrats for 900k ­čÖé :-)´╗┐


  47. Just watched it the day released.´╗┐

  48. 1:13 baby barbarian kings? wite what have you been smoking´╗┐

  49. guys keemstar retweeted me a month ago ?´╗┐

  50. for 1,000,000 subs you should go sky diving´╗┐