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Clash of Clans – LEGENDS THREE STARRED! Clash Calamity!

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  1. bush did 9/11

  2. You have a talent for commentating, Galadon. Awesome.

  3. the day supercell lets you use heroes in war even while upgrading is the day there'll be world peace…

  4. hi'

  5. Galadon Plz Draw Ur Life!!

  6. Galadon Jeffreypoe is an old clanmate from our clan hes coming back when he reached number one in the world he said to us

  7. My story is similar to +TheDiamondPikachu and yes, you truly stopped me from quitting clash of clans. I know it's not a big of a deal, but I learned new stuff like how to properly loot bases higher than mine. Who knows and maybe one I might use those skills. Like looting the supermarket nearby at night…

    I'm from a different time zone. When you upload your videos it's like 10pm-12am in here. Stay cool. Pizza.

  8. Oh, nice video bro :)

  9. can't you do face reveals???

  10. congratz on a million subs galladon

  11. where is the sneak peek though? just one? they shit one update and then they just give us just one sneak peek? no wonder why im not playing nearly as much as i use too

  12. any new info on the update galadon? let's us know right away??

  13. Intro song name please !

  14. Had to quit Coc, due to some personal reasons but I have one thing to say…You are the best..☺

  15. guys is it true that CoC is clossing?

  16. Galladon i give u challenge u to get ur th8 to at least titan league and also this video was crucial for legend league players sooooo much cruelty

  17. Galadon would you pla give us th 9 some tips in farming since that the upgrade of walls are so expensive. What is the best troop army that we may use in farming, should we still join wars and most importantly why cant i find any dead bases anymore?

  18. Amazing content man

  19. I❤ coc.I ❤ watching your videos.This is probably my last.#aintearningbrokendevice.?

  20. This Legend of the Lonely Wizard is much better than the Legend of the last lava pup IMO.. ?

  21. I love this guy!

  22. Good video !!! Hey Clashers Subscribe Me Please