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Clash of Clans – LET ME VISIT *YOUR* CLAN!

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  1. Yo its marino, come chill for a bit in our clan.. (Hellfire Clan) #9URVU2RU LvL 9 clan

  2. #joinmyclan #anarchyarmy

  3. Did you get this idea from my comment last video? lol clan name vital threat. Leader stock. 120-7-3 is our record

  4. Dang Dub sucks u got kicked out ur a really good attacker IMO but u should visit my clan that would be so cool!? My Clans WaeAddicts #8QUO8G2 it was made 2 days ago list first war hope u join! ???

  5. Kilyafornia it's the only name out there ;)

  6. #omacharvin721
    we donate whatever you want

  7. vF Squad we are a very small clan about 10, ppl leader is Alan thx

  8. My clan tag: #9RY9VORY
    I would love for you to visit this clan!!!

    black badge
    level 4

  10. Clash Royale > Clash of Clans
    It would be pretty cool if you did let's play on CR

  11. # groom loops, come visit;)

  12. Love ur vids Dub plz visit my clan we really need some strategic help we have a lot of active members but are struggling to win wars clan tag #90G8UR90 we have a lot of th8 and I'm the only th9 the name is savagè

  13. nuketown
    Small clan


  15. #2PLCYP9Q P.E.K.K.A Cafe level 5 clan Please DUB!!!!!!!!!

  16. The knights


  18. #8G8GPLQC
    29 Wars won

  19. #92VYLPGU peolpe join idc if low level need people for clan wars

  20. clan name: #themakeouttree clan tag:#2lqrucqv
    clan level 8

  21. Please join The Shade, it's a lvl 8 clan and we would love to have you visit us

  22. #Q09UGQ8L the clan is Clash of Trolls

  23. clan: destined level 7 clan #9982OV2U

  24. Lol join my clan tell we get it running ?☺️ # RedWater War

  25. My clan is –
    Flat Line

  26. Free Fish Tacos
    I've got a nice th9 attack that would be cool for you to record :)

  27. I miss the old Clash Of Clans…. 🙁 Supercell is ruining what used to be the best mobile game! Do you agree?

  28. #82VR0YYG Sky's Da Limit

  29. Clan name: Going Deep

  30. Oregon Warriors #P8GJJLLU

  31. Dragon you down #9qpqcypl my name specifically is jpro5

  32. I don't have a clan I'm solo ?

  33. my name is cochiloco

  34. plz thnx

  35. my clan tag #8PPRCG90 CLAN NAME GN clan

  36. #9LRLJRVJ

  37. My clan
    50 clan war wins
    Clan name loco motives

  38. tomarrow would be the best to join

  39. It would be awesome if u checked out my clan! Joben #GRLVYJV

  40. join my clan… RealPeoplaClan..

  41. quantum8.9farm #q2gcropg

  42. hi

  43. Gn clan