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Clash of Clans – Let’s Fix TH11 Attacking!

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  1. Yea, definitely agree that the Warden encourages mass/spam attacks.

  2. I am currently a mid to high th10 and I am the strongest player in our family clan. I like your ideas and I just hope that maybe next year when my th10 gets maxed (without gems-thats prob how long its still going to take! lol) that the stupid warden is sorted out.

  3. This was my idea: tome makes you wanna pack as many high dps troops into it to make a glass cannon that can break a core. Valk dmg was insane before the buff (Valks weren't given too much of a buff tbh, the new level was really the only change. they are too strong for th11 because of warden…) Bowler dmg isn't insane, but they don't have to beat walls to get to most of the base. Aura wants you to put as many units in it as possible to strengthen…

    Tome gives 60% dmg reduction so troops still die (keep inferno immunity, and maybe give no trap immunity or something.

    Aura applies to a limited number of housing space, starting with biggest units (space) and working its way down, not counting heroes

  4. wonderful video…

  5. Can I just say? You're quickly becoming my favorite clash war youtuber

  6. Supercell2016 Make Clash of Clans Great Again!!!

  7. That start?

  8. I agree with you, so I will stay th9

  9. Im a new th9 ?
    love ur vids

  10. William tell overture without the drop ? most of us don't even get to try these overpowered strategies as we don't gem, my miners have just started upgrading to lvl 2 and by time they are maxed, they will probably be nerfed. How about no more gemming. The game has got a bit to easy, we have some useless attackers in our clan and now they are doing quite well. And the enemy cc is pretty inconsequential these days.

  11. Great video.

  12. btw, I am JIMMY 2 THUMBS of Battle Elite. great video Aronos. I appreciate all the thought u put into it ??

  13. mass valks have already been countered. myself along with Ethan in Battle Elite have been working on base designs that r stopping mass bowler attacks. yes u can get the 2 star and I have no issue with a spam attack for 2 but 3 star attacks r extremely difficult. I really don't think it's that huge of an issue. the war we r currently in has netted only 1 3* on a th11. the clan we're up against built many center trap bases for anti mass bowler. they r working very well. I think part of the reason we have seen so many mass attacks be viable is bcuz they have changed the game or troops every couple months since th11. it just has not allowed time for bases to catch. but they always do. mass witch and valks killed ring bases (which I was happy to see) but now we're seeing new variations and some r working. so to sum it up I don't think there is a problem with the troops. it will balance out with time as we build new base designs. it's just that the troops have been changing drastically multiple times in a short amount of time not allowing base design to catch up. you CAN build anti mass bowler bases that do work. give it some more time for more of them to be built and u will see other raid styles come out. bcuz we all know every base is vulnerable to something

  14. The housing space idea is great. I honestly think that the way the grand warden is currently there is no reason why you wouldnt want to get as many troops in his aura as possible. I really hope something along those lines would make th11 attacks become what we really want!

  15. If the Clash developers love the multi-phased attacks, then they have failed. Spam mass attacks is the OP way to go now for highest rate of success. I have mixed feelings if this is a bad thing though. I just pushed to legends on mass valks and got my first 3 star in war on a max TH 11 base with mass bowlers recently. I'd feel hypocritical bashing the spam attack styles. That said, if everyone was equally effected by the next update to lessen the effectiveness of spam attacks and increase the reward of pulling off multi-phased attacks, I would be fully supportive. Skill should always count for more.

  16. You bring up some great points that I hadn't considered. I really hope that someone at Supercell sees this video because the direction the meta is heading in is really disappointing.

  17. I am in a small clan and we r mostly th9s and below with 2 th10s and no th11s. I can't speak for th11s but th10s actually have a chance to 3 star with valks. It still takes some skill but imo there aren't too many 3 stars. Before the valks if our 10s got 2 star that was a nice job. They never 3 stared and they never got 3 stared. Now defense isn't that overpowered and the top of our war map comes down to skill

  18. That intro though xD
    Nice Video :)

  19. Intro was funny…

  20. First! Woohoo!