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Clash of clans – Let’s play Clash of clans Ep. 2 (Upgrading)

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  1. wouldn’t it be cool if you can put multiple builders into one upgrade and
    that up grade would be faster. for example: lets say if your upgrading to
    th 7 and the upgrade takes 6 days, you could put like 2 more builders on
    the th upgrade and 6 day wait would turn into 3days instead of 6 does
    anybody agree with me???

  2. Do the th8

  3. Do town hall 8

  4. TH8 pls

  5. Town hall 8

  6. th7

  7. Why is the Town Hall rushed, you have level 1 defenses. Most town hall 7’s
    have more upgraded troops and defenses 

  8. Th8

  9. Th 8

  10. Th8 plz

  11. Like here for th8

  12. Do th8. the th7 is low level and would take too long. entertaining for high
    lvl upgrades and attacks with th8

  13. Town hall 8

  14. Holy mother of rushed base

  15. I think you should to the TH 8 base it would be a lot more interesting and
    fun because you have netter troops and stuff. I honestly don’t care about
    your username.

  16. Th8

  17. Why would u rush????

  18. Why would you rush that account???

  19. Th7 plzzzz

  20. YEAAAAA Godson please reply

  21. Godson, is that an app where you see where you are tapping? PLEASE RESPOND

  22. TH 8

  23. TH 7

  24. Th 8!