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Clash Of Clans | Let’s talk about the update | Share your opinions

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  1. I am at TH 10 (almost maxed) . I used to enjoy this game. But the update ruined everything. Its difficult to find good loot. Its difficult to save resources. I often get attcked by TH 11 gems player. (although I also spent few bucks on this game). I don't enjoy this game anymore. This update sucks. It is very sad to see your favorite game being ruined. I am thinking about quiting the game. :(

  2. I really like the shield changes, Th11 is a welcome addition (although some balancing is needed), but I really think removing townhall sniping is a change SuperCell shouldn't have made, it has a few adverse effects:
    -Less active bases are removed from circulation quicker as less people have shields and the in-actives are buried quicker as a result
    -It is now far more difficult to gain a shield and as a result a lot of casual players have now resorted to not coming on the game for a few days so that they don't get raided and have full collectors, collect them and repeat, it's now a more effective way of gaining loot than spending less than half an hour on the game per day.
    I personally have not been too affected by the farming changes as of yet as our clan are doing a trophy push at the moment and as a fresh Th9.5 in high masters 1 I just 1/2 star weak Th9s with HoGiArch for the loot bonus (which is still needs to be increased because of the % changes regarding amount of the base destroyed), and allows me to get walls done with gold but I am not profiting elixir, wars are barely keeping me afloat and if we lose a war, well I may well run out of the purple stuff.
    Basically I think that SuperCell should:
    -Balance Th11
    -Increase league bonuses again
    -Reintroduce townhall sniping
    If sniping isn't brought back some drastic changes need to be made, such as:
    -Buff collector output significantly (significantly doesn't mean ~10% or so like the league bonuses, like ~50% or so)
    -Keep inactive bases in the pool of "find-able bases"
    -Make shields easier to obtain
    -Increase amount of time of the personal break above 3 hours
    Also, Th sniping may not have been an intended feature; BUT that doesn't mean that is it bad, a large amount of the beast features of everything have been unintended, if they had killed sniping earlier maybe there wouldn't have been this backlash but it was done so late into its development, it's only going to anger people who are established.
    Sorry for the wall of text but this update has really got me angry, as this is a game I am passionate about and I really don't want to see die. Please SuperCell, fix your game before it's too late.
    Do you agree of disagree Daddy? Also please remember the forums will always be a place with extremists.

  3. Iam Th9 player I like the update there are so much DE out there.iam at master 1 getting about 20k DE a day.iam using ballon minion and also super Queen with 6 healers.

  4. I am very frustrated with the update. I am the leader of a lvl 7 clan with three accounts (th9, th8, defenseless th7). I tried to make the update work for me but have given up. I deleted the game from my phone and haven't played for 3 days. Still following the game with the hope Supercell will fix this once great game. My clan is slowly dying as well. We used to do 30v30 wars…the last one I saw was 15v15.

    I am almost max th9 (20/25 heroes). I can still farm DE effectively to get my heroes up but getting elixir is very hard. I feel like they made th9 war too easy (extra 30 seconds and dark spell), so I want to go to th10. I have no hope to get the elixir I need to start at th10. So I am frustrated with this account.

    I have a nearly max th8. Kept getting crushed because I have no place to put my elixir and was trying to farm DE for golems. Decided to go to th9. Quickly farmed the gold to start the upgrade. Tried to start building up resources to hit the ground running but got busy at work for a couple of days and got crushed repeatedly. Became frustrated that to hold a decent amount of multiple resources I have to raid 2-3 times a day just to stay even. I don't always have that much time, so I stopped playing that account.

    Supercell apparently didn't like defenseless accounts, so they killed them. I didn't even try to play this account after the update.

    In general I think my biggest concern is that it feels like Supercell has an idea of how they want people to play the game. They have made it a lot harder play in the many different ways that people used to play. I can't dedicate the time to the game that it seems to require now to progress at the same rate. Progressing much slower isn't nearly as fun and the psychology of getting crushed and losing a ton of resources every 16 hours is demoralizing. You can tell me to improve my defense but I can't defend against a competent attacker from a th above…

  5. I am a long term player well over 3 years now but never gemmed my base. I'm a TH 10 nearly maxed defenses, apart from walls. I really can't see how I can get enough loot to upgrade anything else. I can't drop enough trophies because as soon as I am offline I get hit, example 96 trophies "won" on defence in 2 mins. No point pushing into a high league because of the amount of loot that I lose. Just stuck in limbo. Guess I hope for a shield and update a wall when I can. Great fun. Thankfully I have a TH8 account and still able to farm a little and enjoy clan wars.

  6. The fact that I havent been raided since the update rolled out worries me

  7. nearly every farmer I know is complaining about the update….it's really unfortunate. they don't like the new loot system, miss the snipes as a means to get a cheap shield and they don't like the personal break.

  8. My x-bow lvl is reset back to lvl 2 that I have a lvl 3 x-bow ; (

  9. Yes, shield changes and PBT are affecting me negatively. Nice vid, though :)

  10. Clash is not for casual players no more

  11. Casual playing farming is horrible now, i have a high 10 and a low 9 ranging from c2 to silver. The 9 is mostly getting destroyed despite being stupidly low in trophies. The 10 cant accumulate elixir for crap, 3 mill in a week because there are no collectorbases and I have zero interest in using heavy armies and do +-0.
    But what actually scares me more than the usual post update drought is the simple maths that say we WILL be facing a long term problem with elixir in particular. Its really easy, troops required cost more while income remains the same. Buffed bonuses was a joke, farmers dont care about bonuses and 5-10% doesnt make up for the much heavier armies required.

  12. This update suck… Now is more difficult to found inactive bases … :3 RIP FARMING

  13. I can't make any progress at all in this game anymore i have a rushed town hall 9 yes there is a lot more loot to get but it's all pointless when you lose it on a defense I can't even save up the 3.2 million in gold to max my cannons and mortars anymore and its really really frustrating and attacking through shields is really pointless as well

  14. the update is great, the pbt is also great with shield change thing. Players that are complaining are bunch of nubs who cant come up with better strategies or adupt with new changes. Its actually more fair now. It was a dumb idea to be able to put th outside from beginning. thanks sc for fixing it. Die nubs lmfao

  15. Worst update

  16. Prior to the update I was faring lower leagues with gibarch and upgrading both heros at the same time. Now, with both heros on upgrade I literally have no way to get elixir. De isn't a massive problem but it costs loads of elixir to farm. I'm very frustrated at the moment and not sure how to adapt. I'm trying to stay constructive though. I have decided to jump to th11 in the hopes that the grand warden will make it easier to farm th10's swing as they are the only thing I can find on matchmaking anyway. I will have to abandon my hero upgrades for now as well seeing as I can't win without them. I had been hoping to max them but they will be 29/31 when they finish upgrading, that will have to do. I do have I bit of a sour taste in my mouth from the update. It's like supercell has said to casual farmers "we don't want you" and cozied up to trophy pushers. It's no wonder there's bad blood.

  17. I quit clash like 3 weeks ago

  18. i hate this update because whenever people attack me they go all out, it so hard to gain loot and im a good th9

  19. for me as a max defence th10 with lvl9 walls and 30 heroes it is very hard to farm now because i get hit on defence. i can't really see a difference in attacking but i used to attack 2-3 times a day and make like 10-15k dex a day but now i lose it on defence. i am forced to attack few times in a row for making some good loot but i dont want to invest to much time on farming as i am more a warguy and dont have to much time to play. if i was not already almost done with farming i would probably quit if it didnt change anything in the next few weeks.

  20. The clash reddit is the same way, Daddy. It used to be somewhat informative; now it is just people promoting 1 star reviews on the app store and threatening to quit. Great video!