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Clash of Clans: Level 1 Clan vs Level 11 Clan!! Who will win??! War Recap

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  1. How many accounts does he have

  2. can i join your clan'

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  4. Guys join me at Baba My name is Sid And its a new clan

  5. pleas get the tropy dawn to 1500 pleas so ican joen im th 8

  6. Love your videos kg keep up the great work very entertaining ?

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  15. This happened to me too almost 6months ago, our clan level 1 against clan level 10 plus they're all maxed out but us not that so. And it SUCKS!

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  20. Hey! Anyone interested in joining my clan? It is a very new war clan and does not have many players but we love wars and need strong members. The clan is called StarGrazers and the clan tag is #RJ9RYVG2. We hope to see some of you guys soon! :)

  21. im upset deathklok wasnt picked ?

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  24. Man you are screwed I met all the requirements for JR but I didn't make it!What!!

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