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Clash of Clans | Level 10 Archer Queen Walk LavaLoon | Th9 3 Stars

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  1. That is right army comp when using golaloon with queen walk?

  2. You're so calm and awesome attacks. I think "Oh hey, this looks easy." — failed attacks every clan war.

  3. Greetings from Loyal Knights, we miss ya :P

  4. nice

  5. DPDrew is modding. Seems like he practice that attack a couple of times. Almost perfect timing on every troop deployment. How did Drew know that his queen wont walk right and he didnt even drop a wiz to right of Queen to prevent that. How would he know a lv10 Queen would survive that deep into a base with a lv3 xbow right in the area? Then deployment of lavaloon right when Queen got to airD? Modding

  6. This is actually really cool and uplifting to see, thank you

  7. Holy shit, I just 3 starred a close to max TH9 today with skull walls. I had 10/10 heroes and had like 1 second left before I got TH. It could have been 99% 1 star. 😛 Nobody will care though. :s