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Clash of Clans – Level 12 walls Announced? (137 Wallbreakers V’s)

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  1. there was purple walls left too

  2. two walls bro not one wall haha but not bad 9.5/10 haha

  3. u missed 2 walls fagget :/

  4. They are purposely making it easy for you to win. You can take out the ground defenses with minions, the multi defenses with giants, and everything else with goblins or wizards.

    They might have something in their clan description about a clan war agreement.

  5. I was staring at the lvl 6 wall and laughing the whole time while he stared at the lvl 4 right next to it, but didn't see it.

  6. F 20 wonder what that ment

  7. Spencer there was 2 walls left not 1. There was another pink one remaining it was on the left of the other wall check the replay

  8. 2 walls man

  9. Two wills

  10. 2 walls

  11. That was a farm war clan. Suprised you never ran against one before. My clan's in the Farm War Alliance which has over 150 clans in it. There's also Orange league and 9011 clans which have hundreds more. Farm war is big. Spencer, Im still shocked you havent heard about it before.

  12. "one wall".
    also, would've been better to use all haste on that base.

  13. You missed two walls sorry

  14. 2 walls*

  15. There were 2 walls

  16. All ground attacking defences and LETS ATTACK WITH GROUND TROOPS. And click baitish name…

  17. It's a Futball(soccer) field!

  18. Their number 8 guys name is Pedro!!! My name is also Pedro!!!!

  19. why did spencer throw his queen down first lmao….

  20. There was two walls

  21. Lol there was 2 Walls at the end :p

  22. 2 was actually but gj Spencer!

  23. Their was two walls lol Gj spencer loved it

  24. LMAO mirko doesnt even know how to use earthquake properly

  25. idiot there were 2 walls

  26. why is like every comment saying "there was 2 walls left" I think he gets the point now…jeez

  27. 2 walls :))) LOL

  28. 2 walls Spencer. 2!!

  29. Quand LP perd face aux FA, toutes la communauté française est là ! Aller les frères d'armes !
    When LP loses against FRERES D'ARMES, all the French community is here ! Come on FRERES D'ARMES

  30. 2 walls…

  31. 1 wall lmfao .. Zooms in and out retardedly

  32. Actually there's a small section of pink walls left too. So it's not really one wall. Nonetheless, a funny and entertaining video! Thumbs up!

  33. the coolest intro ever

  34. Spencer there were 2 walls

  35. That one time when u can actually make a title ("3 STARRING MAX TH11") which is not 100% misleading u still choose to do this…smh

  36. you mean 2 walls??!

  37. actually 2 walls

  38. idot…. there were 2 walls. #SPENCERMATH

  39. but masters spencer, there were 2 walls left, not 1

  40. a failed football field

  41. Soccer pitch

  42. He's so dumb that is 2 walls left

  43. Nice try..dislike

  44. 2walls

  45. 7:31 Poor Danana! You missed his attack! His mini is in my clan so it matters! Lol.

  46. XD

  47. Actually 2 walls spence

  48. u had 2 walls left

  49. Matilda wants to play with 120 willies – Spencer 2016

  50. I love your videos!