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Clash of Clans | LEVEL 6 QUEEN 3 STAR ATTACK | TH 9 Hogs, Surgical Hog, TH 9 Goho

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  1. th2 strategy :))

  2. what is the name of that pokemon song?

  3. My personal preference at th2 is BarBarBarBarBarb. It works really well. Step 1: send 5 Barbs at each cannon. Step 2: Win
    It's pretty hard to do I know but once you master it it is really effective.

  4. How can i see your live feeds

  5. do th5 strategy ?☺☺

  6. Hi Gadi. I see you caught a few tips from Chris for your videos. If you wanted to copy some one, Cam is probably the best one to copy! lol
    Love the vid as always.

  7. Can I join your clan?

  8. XD th2 attacks BARCH

  9. Gadi we need a help frm u were in arrange war with reddit rangers sis clan of reditt raiders we won ;-), can u recap for us bro

  10. Cool

  11. gadi hh i have 3 stars as lavaloons with 1 hero would that video be nice to share on your channel ?!

  12. Quick question?.. Can I Zap 2 Lvl 1 Infernos that are right next to each other, with just 3 Lvl 6 lightning spells and 1 Lvl 2 Quake.. OR do I need 4 Lightnings & the Quake?? Thanks in advance for any help!!!

  13. gadih show me th9 how to govaho with earthquake spell,, thank u

  14. where are you from?? and keep up the great vids

  15. thanks for video of our clan :D

  16. lmao

  17. Can you do also a surgical hog attack with medium heros (lv15-17)

  18. got to say loving the new intro gadi hh

  19. gadi remember me or forgotten? ???

  20. hiuu

  21. Hehe Second

  22. FIRST!!!