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Clash of Clans – Level 9 clan – 3 Star Clan War Specialists!

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  1. So you ask us to join your clan, but it's closed….sick dude

  2. GoWipe is good for trophy pushing but definitely not farming. Cost of Golem and the time it takes to train Golems & Pekkas are too long EVEN on boost.

  3. Lol i know a red headed step child just like that?

  4. so close to 1 million subscribers Galadon you deserve it :)

  5. I use it to 2 star th9s if I'm placed against them in war, and I use a gowipe hybrid attack to farm for de

  6. Level 9, great job Full Attack!

  7. I attack with GoWiWi at th9 with 4 golems, about 8 wallbreakers, 4 giants and wizards with 2 max witches in the cc. I find that you can always get a 3 star with this attack if your queen survives .. Thats why I take a freeze spell with me and freeze any defense hitting my queen when she wanders away from the golems and drop a few giants in the back until she can take out the defenses that were shooting her.

  8. i 3star every th8 with just hogs (success rate: 90%) cause it s so easy

  9. we turned lv9 a week ago
    clan name: Alf Poier

  10. the top player in ur clans name is liam and my name is liam too

  11. hey galodon, can I share with you a story for clash of clans true stories. don't know how else to share it.

  12. do a war against barbariaNparty with cam

  13. hey u can 3* with gowipe if executed perfectly

  14. galadons outro is ģans intro xD

  15. I only use GoWiPe at Th8 for now, since my hogs are only level 1. Once they are upgraded, then ill use GoHo!

  16. You are so close to 1 million subs hope you 1 million soon?

  17. TH9 is trash now thanks to the extra time and spell. On the other hand TH10 is now that much more balanced, just one more tweak and will be as good as the old TH9. So happy I have maybe a month left before maxing it out completely.

  18. I think the first guy's name is el bori pr El = The, Bori = Boricua (the alternative for puertorican), pr= Puerto Rico, might be, might not be, just a theory

  19. First attack was terrible he didn't even activate his King

  20. Check Us : Down Fall Era, We are lv9 clan 3 stars specialist and We are spanish :)