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Clash of Clans | LEVEL UP | Level 10 Clan!

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  1. Just made it to level 10 ourselves last war.????

  2. Hi

  3. why did you rejected me moron

  4. Does Cam reply to comments?

  5. y cant i get in a clan??

  6. First comment

  7. i play With you CAM in clash royal CAM VS XxRadimxX
    🙂 i win 1:3 :)

  8. Good work cam!

  9. Whoever disliked it got rejected when asking to jojn

  10. Awseome cam lvl 10clan WHOO

  11. I got rejected

  12. hey can can u put a video how to attack wid lvl1 pekka without golems for war….plz

  13. U rejected me

  14. Im in BMPM KLIT!

  15. cam I'm close to max and u banned me =(

  16. #clashwithcam can I please join your clan I'm th7

  17. damn i just put my queen to upgrade and u announce the tournament. #tragedy

  18. well…CAM..looks like no one is accepting me as my base is no good… but the reason is that I became a th8 only 6 days ago…and I don't have all buildings…so can any of your team take me in tournament. …plz. ..if no then …Ok…good luck to all teams….and congratulations on lvl 10 clan…. :)

  19. got rejected in a second (almost max th9-lvl 107)

  20. nice video cam can i join

  21. cam I'm a newish th8 I keep getting rejected and it says I can't join ur bnpm clan can u let me join

  22. Cam upgrade all your heroes to max

  23. i can't join it says i can't join at this time

  24. shit my clan just started a war?


    Chris attacks at Clash Royale & Clash of Clans

  26. Plz let me in the clan I Am a th 7 and good

  27. I got declined 🙁 I was really disappointed just so ya know, By every single clan i got declined… My CoC Name is FRAN and now im in a clan as leader called Req & War™