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Clash of Clans – LIFETIME BANS!!! Dont Cheat!!

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  1. Juror standing melt evolve divide

  2. cap letter community ear college criminal.

  3. Spencer Why are there lvl12 clans ? I thought we had upt lvl10.

  4. I'd LOVE to see you make a video on your opinions on farm wars

  5. patch drink used dusgsch package quest recently

  6. atleast LP didnt hv many bans.

  7. How do you cheat in it?

  8. ?????

  9. Desert city effort.

  10. I would love a modders tears mug. xD

  11. love the crying baby pic! lol

  12. (◣‿◢)

  13. I used to use xmod and it's completely harmless

  14. guys if you are banned just change your phone and you'll get your village back?

  15. I'm all for fair play, but this is over the top given how boring the game has become for people who have farmed a max base. Especially when I know lots of modders who have yet to be banned, or maybe got a 2 week ban months ago and as far as I know are still modding but have escaped a perma ban. All very arbitrary… lack of imagination on the part of the developers who can't actually architect develop a game that can't be hacked so easily.
    BTW these warnings are too late – perma bans are now done and dusted, no warning, and they are all final and non-negotiable. Kind of like giving every sports person found with a drug in their system a permanent lifetime ban from all competition – doesn't actually happen, does it?
    p.s. your analogy is off – Ronaldo practices free kicks all the time, like millions of them, but only ever has one chance in the actual game – sandboxing is (kinda) the same – you can practice as much as you want, but you only get one actual live chance where of course the outcome is anything but guaranteed (if you've ever modded, or even used the Friendly Challenge, you'll know that lots of practice only gets you so far, attacks are always seat-of-the-pants at some point). The only real difference is that modding lets you see the traps in-game, and if the base has been attacked prior you can practice with at least some of those traps in place. So yes it's an advantage for sure, but it's nothing like the analogy you present where Ronaldo can keep trying until he scores – when a modder presses "attack", they have to know what their plan is, and execute it then and there; fails happen all the time.
    Maybe a better analogy would be the Tour de France – no cheaters there, eh? haha
    p.p.s. I'm an ex-modder, had a nearly-4-yo base, which I farmed to max – banned, no warning, no 2 week ban, just an immediate perm ban out of the blue (I don't read the forums hourly, or twitter, or youtube). Am I upset? Not really, now I can Get a Life as the main addiction is (rudely and abruptly) broken; playing on my maxed TH9 might be kinda fun but not really and I have no intention of farming a second account to TH10 and beyond, the game gets more and more boring as you progress to the "top". Why did I mod? Because the game got very boring. I started modding to help deal with the clouds, i.e. press the Next button for me. I guess that was my gateway drug lol. I don't use mod on my TH9, and still deal out a lot of 3-star attacks in war, because I am well practiced from nearly 4 years of playing daily.
    The only thing that upsets me is the way SC went about the banning process… they gave 2-week bans to some (but not all) modders, then left it for months, during which modding came back big time. Eventually, they perma ban a bunch of us, with no warning whatsoever, people who never got the initial 2 week ban. And I personally know modders who have still escaped a ban, funnily enough they are big spenders (coincidence?). That's not fair and just, and only serves to really piss a lot of people off, many of who have been loyal paying customers. Personally I'm going to demand a refund of the money I "invested" into the game (around $200 to speed royal upgrades), and any shreds of goodwill towards SC are finally torn apart. Their developers are just lazy in my opinion, they should be smart enough to figure out a better software architecture such that the game can't be cheated so easily. They should also try listening to their customers about how to make the game fun and exciting again, because the last few months all their "new stuff" being released has actually made the game more and more boring at the top-end (was mass bowlers, now it's just mass miners – yawn).

  16. ronaldo sucks thats why he misses?

  17. I haven't got banned

  18. Love the humor, BUT, I hope you have no reason to bitch/complain about not doing wars anymore because of modders/cheaters. Would like to see some more CoC videos from you Spence, so hopefully after this update there are no more reasons for you NOT to make war videos/recaps. Cheers!

  19. modders can suck my kiss! modders, your days are numbered! stop cheating now or be permanently banned from coc and royale.

    Analwar (anarwar) clan, you've been warned…

  20. Credit Mike fox

  21. LP2 still lost the war?! ?

  22. mi too ?

  23. I love how u can tell who got banned by their comments.. they're all like " f*ck you f*gg*ts , & all pissed off at themselves for cheating… EPIC SC… Love this.. !!!!

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