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Clash of Clans – Lightning the E.A.G.L.E – ♥3 Star strategy!♥

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  1. LightWitchEagle

  2. The Smoogly Boogly Strat

  3. lewewe!

  4. electric witch 14$

  5. Loightning on the pigeon!!!

  6. eaglight

  7. Wouldn't it be best to use the Earthquake before you drop the lightning spell? Earthquake does a % damage, so it should do more damage the more hitpoints the eagle has, or am i completely wrong?

  8. Illegal eagle

  9. How about shake and bake for the raid.

  10. "I don't know if I was expecting it or not" lol

  11. thunderbird

  12. The Go-lightning strategy

  13. the Spencer Strike

  14. The killer eagle

  15. that should be illeagle

  16. Zap'n Qauke Pigeon!!!!

  17. Correct me if I'm wrong….but eq does % damage….so it would be more effective if the eagle had more health left….so why would u use the eq last? Wouldn't 2 Eqs then the lightnings do more damage?

  18. disaster eagle

  19. Light witches

  20. eagle quick zap

  21. Light EAGLE WH

  22. Armageddon !!

  23. Wilightning

  24. i think using both earthquakes before landing in thelightningswill work against max eagle because the earthquake will deal more damage in a structure with more hp but thats just my opinion so no need no bash

  25. Let's admit you don't know how to play. you are master in spending gems and just know how to send everyone. hahahahahaha

  26. I got one " quap eagle"?? for quake zap eagle

  27. Givuv

  28. lighting larry the eagle

  29. Btw for destroying maxed eagle I recommend 2 earthquake then the lightning

  30. Uhh how bout
    The Eagle Hunter

  31. lightning on the eagle mass whitch :3

  32. call it the eagle poacher.

  33. eaglightning

  34. A light quake ;)

  35. lightquake w/ Gowiwi.


  37. Spencer can you do that with 4 quake so you can get through some walls aswell?