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Clash of Clans – LIVE Clan War Finish! Win or Fail?

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  1. #cheifpatsucksatattacking

  2. Lel i didn't think it was possible to NOT 2 star a th 11 with max everything :D

  3. I think fail attack are so intense and way more entertaining

  4. You better get that iPad battery fixed man

  5. What was bad about pats attack? He ran out of troops no? I'm confused someone help me lol

  6. Hahaha fail

  7. lmao chief pat, 3rd jump wasted that woulda made the difference :p

  8. Join my clan: 3star Warriors

  9. lame excuse pat

  10. are you still making clash of clans lets plays cheif pat

  11. The Troll Face made you lag lol

  12. It wasnt a lag, you simply suck XD (im joking, dont take this comment seriously). However, you are a very good player, keep doing your way to glory XD

  13. Sad missing that freeze. Didn't get the Eagle Artillery if you didn't see that. Great video Pat. Keep it up.

  14. LAG

  15. can you make a th 8.5 base with queen

  16. NO EXCUSES… #NubPat

  17. Hey Pat, Since I have Clash Royale and I made a fake account for it. When the new update comes out will I have to come out on that fake account? Because If I do im screwed..

  18. هاي شنو شيف طلعت متعرف تهجم??

  19. Finally a fail from you thats what i like to see

  20. I am unsure of what even happened on that attack

  21. own you fails homie!

  22. Hey chief Pat, Cheers on the win, I was in clash of knights, and a subscriber of yours, a Great War indeed :), BTW I'm salv man, I got destroyed by Juan

  23. wait what…"It must've been lag", but all troops were down and there were no more available…

  24. Lol

  25. I fill you brother

  26. Wasted that 3rd jump spell completely??? May have gotten 2 stars if you hadn't wasted that.

  27. Pat I made a rushed coc series's on my sec account and it been hard but I'm fully maxed minus walls

  28. Ofc lag
    Na lol player

  29. Lol, maxed bases having a hard time 2 starring using a spam gowiwi :D.

  30. Supercell did it

  31. PlayClashOfClans Please chief Pat, makes a video , asking supercell to regain HoloWiWi clan, he was hacked . Do this for me , this is the clan wars in Brazil , please do so ,Thanks.

  32. Take out as many buildigs as we can….oh fight over :DDD

  33. i lol'ed for real LOL

  34. Yo, my game wont let me update because of the device, can you ask supercell to fix this?, Thanks