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Clash of Clans | LIVE DEFENCE – Titan 1 – Th10 – EdDaNub + With Commentary

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  1. Thanks ed! ❤️

  2. Ed good luck

  3. + 1 is life lmaooo

    HAHAHAHAHA 4 jump mass golem noobie was about to 2 star you !!!


  4. You fucker, Supercell should open a show with u

  5. great video,keep up the good work man???????

  6. Ed the first attacker was the noobiest attacker I've seen in titan league. What's worst is there are many more like him!!!

  7. loooove this shit! mooore ?

  8. Listen very carefully

    He said ,,Scheiße", that means ,,Shit" in German!

  9. hey ed
    the attacker has got 29% but in the end there were only 28%
    viel Glück beim pushen LG german

  10. Yo ed, how the F ppl cant even get 30%? Shouldnt deserve to be in Titan…hehehehhe cool vids keep em coming, i will come by soon to QW for a visit ?

  11. I like this series Ed. Keep it up.


  13. these are literally the best!

  14. Ur commentary sucks ..Spitting senseless shit outta ur mouth why dont u quit clash…Ur base got 53% 2 star with 4 jumps go and die noob i dont know how did u become one of the coleaders of InTheDark …U attack and get 1 star with drags though drag is a 2 star strategy saying the f**k word evry second thinking its cool.QUIT CLASH

  15. We asked for more and we got it, thanks Ed, absolutely loving this series!!

  16. "Scheiße" is a very bad word Ed… 😛 good video and greetings from Germany ✌?️

  17. 'Oh scheisse' Haha, love to hear you speaking German Ed, more more more 🙂 great video

  18. Oh my god second favourite series after your Evolution of .. Series.Fuckin 2 times a weeeeek.Pleeassseee alwayssss :D

  19. You said Scheiße ? haha

  20. Why are everyone switching from Quantum's to Quantums Web! good vid btw