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Clash of Clans | LIVE Defence With I Love Nelly Base LEGEND League

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  1. She messing with your coc bro

  2. and your face reveal? like BR

  3. PlayHard

  4. great videos.
    buut of course your commentary is always cut with fill ins like uh, ah etc. cut them out. use a better mic. peace

  5. Welcome back Edd… love your videos and ITD is the best! keep the hard work!

  6. dam nelly is fine asfk

  7. Nelly is Bae

  8. So desperate for attention from girls that you had to promote this base ?

  9. Ich liebe Nelly mehr als du Ed ?

  10. Where is your Ze Jodecast base?

  11. you speak german? o.0

  12. i like it when you speak german ed :D

  13. What a shit vid

  14. Beleza Noobs

  15. whatever others thinks about this.! I ? Nelly, she's awesome, go fuck yourself all haters.!!! @Ed work hard bud to keep your girl happy.! ? ❤ITD and Friends.!

  16. Super Video Ed :)

  17. Hey Ed is it okay if i copy that base?

  18. Fuck fucken fuck that was so so close

  19. omg.. dont show if u number one again.. so sad T.T

  20. Nelly ???

  21. So close,if only the warden target the queen lol