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Clash Of Clans – LIVESTREAM!!! on twitch

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  1. coc only no royale!

  2. LOL….!!!

  3. kto z polski ?

  4. Hey nice, Twitch!

  5. friends, subscribe please

  6. Hey, guys!
    Just started a new YouTube channel would love to have some support!
    Love to do Clash of Clans, maybe start going some Clash Royal
    Come check me out show some love would love to have all you around!
    Going to start uploading every day now!

  7. Umm live now?

  8. I made the views 666

  9. Witch godson!!!

  10. Is it OK that I'm a low level lvl(silver 2)

  11. Plz

  12. Yo godson tell me what it's called to search up

  13. Godson (I did it with my eyes closed)

  14. Да Да чцчл

  15. what do I look up on twitch or is there another video that will have a link in the descrip

  16. wish i could but chief pat is about to start one as well.

  17. 1337666th

  18. Just got here

  19. what is godson's twitch channel ID

  20. Fastest coc youtube uploader. try typing godson with your eyes closed. gofspn

  21. in coc

  22. I'm coc