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Clash of Clans – LoonBarch Dark Elixir Farming Attack Strategy without Heroes!

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  1. Would this work for th 5?s

  2. Another great video, thanks Ash! You show us so many different ways to farm but I always wonder what you consider the best strategy hands down for gaining dark with/without heroes and gold with/without heroes, but maybe that's the point; we have options–pick what YOU enjoy.

  3. can i use this for townhall level 8 to

  4. Would this work for th7?

  5. +ash I tried to join your clan my name is "you " can u invite me plz

  6. Would you recommend this for th7s?

  7. Does this work fot th7?

  8. Erster Deutscher!!!

  9. In all of your attacks, the DE storage was close to the side and not centered like most bases I find in gold 3-1. Will this attack strategy work on the core DE storage type bases as well? It seems like your attacks run out of steam as soon as they get the DE storage.

  10. Your videos are the most practical guides out here. Good work man

  11. I didnt like it i loved and sortha liked it!

  12. Nice vids

  13. nice 🙂 i like the creativity!

  14. +Ash – Clash of Clans & Clash Royale What do you use to record and edit your gameplay??

  15. How do you set up your barracks

  16. Will you talk about sneak peaks?

  17. What if the dark elixir storage is in the center? Just don't attack it?

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  19. Awesome… Ash

  20. do you think it would work for maxed out TH8

  21. hey can someone give me tips on how to farm in townhall seven if u are a new th 7 with no king cause ya that's me -_-

  22. 60th

  23. Would you recommend this for th9 accounts too?

  24. gigi

  25. Nice vid

  26. Superb

  27. 1st! Nice Video Ash!