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Clash of Clans LOOT CART, DAILY STAR BONUS & TREASURY New Update Info!

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  1. Loot cart????

  2. ✅Awesome Video✅Check my channel out✅I post COC and BTD 5✅SUBSCRIBE?✅Again great video✅LUCK IF WITH YOU IF YOU SUBBED✅

  3. nice video as always! Also nice guitar in the back there do you play??

  4. what will bi next update in booom beach i thinck donating troop

  5. What About The New Troops.?

  6. I Waiting For It.

  7. Imagine if nick Replied

  8. @nickatnyte are you ok you look a bit sick ?

  9. why no intro

  10. How do you record your screen?

  11. Nice Nick – Ur the first Youtuber to cover this!

  12. i think its a nice update. let see how it will work for lower level players.

  13. Wooohoooo!

  14. Nice

  15. when do u wake up/go to sleep?
    u release this 3-5 in the night (live in europe so dont know the time zone)

  16. removing that x-mas tree hurt me. Emotionally

  17. Please subscribe to my Chanel and I'll subscribe back

  18. Holy shit LootCarts ?????

  19. another great video from the man himself NICKATNITE!!! #subscribed4life

  20. Nick, nick, nick! Do you think theere will be new flying troop in Boom Beach? I do because most of the animations before megacrab update had A teaser for FLIGHT. 1st video (announcing the crab) had the scene where the robot picked him up and he was like pooooof flying. 2nd video (with the sand) he landed using his jetpack 3rd video (I NEVER SLEEP) he had schematic of his jetpack, 4th video (EVERYTHING) he also landed with his jetpack. Its like they WANT us to see the JETPACK


  21. Notice me senpai <3

  22. so when is the update coming out, I can't wait for it

  23. nice outro :)

  24. damn you can talk fast

  25. Nice job

  26. Nickatnyte can you uprade all mortars to max in Boom Beach?

  27. متى ينزل كلاش رويال لي الاندرويد ممكن جواب وسوي مقطع حينه ينزل لي الاندرويد Tanks

  28. lol i can so relate to ur clash royal comment at the end, such a pointless time sink

  29. i would die if you reply big fan :)

  30. Does anyone know when clash royale is out worldwide

  31. Hi please notice me :3

  32. nick ur my favourite you tuber

  33. Like 100