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Clash of Clans Loot Defense Strategy for Every Town Hall New Shield Base for Farming TH 4/5/6/7/8/9

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  1. Thnx @Clash Of Clans | GameDiceHD
    I am gonna try to 7

  2. Im th9 and I looooooved that base, thx a lot man

  3. I love your videos @gamedice. I've been using your base designs since I was TH4 and i'm at TH8 now. Keep up the top notch work!

  4. make a th7 with the update

  5. hey its one of ur old subscriber and nice

  6. could you create a base for 8.5?

  7. Cool

  8. You know the Town Hall also holds loot also, so if they take the town hall they take the loot within

  9. Nice vid ?? and thx for the th7 base it helps a lot

  10. well im th8 but im rushing my wall level 6 i ganno do level 7 and my cannon level 9 and my archer tower level 8 my mortar level 5 my tesla level 1 my air sweeper level 3 what i ganno do level them up so my defense is good is that correct gamedice?

  11. gamedice thx bro for guiding me all thx for your all help thx th4 to th8 thx bro i really enjoy it

  12. Very helpful ?

  13. wow.. u all ways great… cooll music

  14. Hey what clan are you in? I would really like to be I. The same clan as you ? my name is Little-Dude

  15. you can't have the th9 base design in master league.
    but I think it can work in silver or gold, becaues most ppl there use barchers or gibarch.
    i wish you post some replays to justify the bases. ?

  16. th10?

  17. Hey, i got a question : Why is my king not guarding my village? What mode he should be on , so he can defend attacks ? GameDice Plss Answer!! I need you to answer!!

  18. where is the defense rplay. want to see how it works

  19. is this th7 base better then the base we talked some days ago?

  20. how is th9 a farming base for update? people won't go for the th cuz they know they have Teslas…..