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Clash of Clans – Low Level Super Queen Farming Strategy for Fast Dark Elixir! (TH9+ DE Farming)

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  1. Hey ash good work man,but can u upload more low level archer queen fast farm dark e more?your fellows will look at yours video because thy r struggling on low lv queen,we need ur help….thanks bro :)))

  2. how do i farm de as a brand new th9 and a lvl 1 queen?

  3. please make more of these videos

  4. hey love ur videos bro can we also queen walk with lvl 7 aq

  5. Hey Ash, i just wanted to ask your thoughts on a dilemma that i have. I have a lv 11 queen and 15 king, so im not sure what to upgrade next. I need to get my queen level up but then i cant use this supper efficient and effective strategy or should i continue my king to 20. Thx

  6. lol I sometimes struggle with 6 Healers, and my now 20 Queen!

  7. thx man grt tutorial as always :)

  8. thanks ash

  9. What will be more efficient to farm DE when My queen might be upgrading ?? GiBarch or BAM ???Btw video was really helpful .Thanks man .Keep it up !!!

  10. My queen is now lvl 15! Not a low lvl one lol a mid lvl queen and I can use queen walk well

  11. in my opinion ur the only true clash youtuber. the rest have bullshit videos. u show us useful stuff

  12. Great attacks! I would have never dared this haha

  13. Unfortunately, my hogs are way behind. .. (lvl 2 @ th10 lol) should I pack more hogs or maybe just use max loons? Great idea using 5 healers though as my aq is only 12.

  14. +Ash-Clash of Clans I'm a new TH9 and was wondering if you could make a video on how to farm as a new TH9 because I'm having trouble with finding the necessary elixir needed to kickstart my army upgrades while also finding enough gold to upgrade defenses!

  15. nice one ash, love the maze!

  16. Could Ash or somebody else provide me with a link to this strategy please thanks

  17. im maxed th9(grinding lvl10 walls) AQ is lvl15 and BK going for lvl19… Super queen is a beast…now i think i can easily farm for BK till lvl40 but i get nightmares on how to farm without AQ when she's down.. 😛 … Ash i love your logical approach towards game ( the only YT'er i know of) and now i think you should do a DE farm video with BK only and cheap and fast troops !.. Good going Ash .. You the man !

  18. This is what we love <3 great work

  19. typical ash great video no clickbaits keep it up man

  20. And another great video Ash. so I need to use 5 healers as my queen is lvl5 at the moment thanks for the heads up.

  21. u r the best

  22. Cool

  23. Nice strategy ash :)

  24. nice stream aha

  25. First xD